Since 1989, we've been supporting the JET Programme and its participants, as well as promoting awareness of Japanese culture and activities in Australia and New Zealand.

Nearly 23,000 alumni are now registered to the some 52 regional chapters, located across 17 countries - and we're now seeing JET alumni members whose parents were JETs themselves. We organise and contribute to a lot of events and activities - such as trivia nights, movie screenings, charity events, Japanese cultural festivals, and much more.

If you're a former JET, and want to get back in touch with your peers, or join up, why not get in contact? Check for your nearest chapter below, or contact JETAA Oceania at the bottom of the page. We'd love to hear from you!

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The Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme (JET Programme) is a Japanese government initiative that brings the world to Japan, as ALTs (Assistant Language Teacher), SEAs (Sports Education Advisor) or CIRs (Coordinators for International Relations).

Most participants are ALTs sent to kindergartens, elementary schools, junior and senior high schools, while CIRs work in local government or board of education offices in their assigned areas.

But more than just work, it's an opportunity to really see a side of Japan and its culture that most outsides don't get, becoming part of the local community, and forging invaluable memories, experiences and skills - saying "the experience of a lifetime" may be a cliche, but it's never more true in this case.

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JETAA Country Representative - Nominations and Voting Procedures

The position of NZ Country Representative for JETAA has become available and nominations are open now!

1) Applying for the position:
Any JETAA member of any New Zealand chapter may be nominated or self nominate to be country representative.
Nominees must present a CV and/or bio and project plan with their nomination.
Each chapter has 1 vote for CR.
According to the NZ CR document, applications are to be emailed to the outgoing NZ CR (daniela.f.mageanu@gmail.com) , but please email them to Eden Law as well at this address (info@jetaansw.org).

2.) Voting process
Nominations open NOW!
Time period:
8th March: nominations open.
28th March: nominations and documents are to be received on this date, midnight New Zealand time.
29th March to 19th April: Nominations are sent to all chapters (ie to the chapter Presidents) on the 29th. Voting to be received by 19th April, midnight New Zealand time.
Results announced 19th April or very soon after.

In the event of only one nomination, then the results will be announced 29th March.

Furusato Project is open again this year. Revisit your inaka during JET and give back to the local community. Fun fact: me mate Jools (Julius Pang, JETAAWA) participated - so keep up the tradition! ...

(日本語は下にあります) Are you a former JET Participant interested in contributing to your ‘home-away-from-home’ in Japan? Then consider applying for the 2018 JET Furusato Vision Project! JET alumni who participate in this project can return to their former places of employment on the JET Programme and implement their own ‘Vision Plan’ that utilises the skills and connections they acquired after JET to reconnect with and revitalise their respective communities. Check out the details about the project, including how to apply, at the JET Programme’s website: jetprogramme.org/en/furusatovisionproject/ Application Deadline: Friday, 20 April 2018 (9:00 AM Japan Standard Time) 元JET参加者の皆さん!第二の「ふるさと」の力になりたいと思いませんか? 「JETふるさとビジョンプロジェクト」では、元JET参加者の皆さんが日本に「里帰り」をし、JETプログラムで紡いだ「絆」を再確認するとともに、皆さんが帰国後に身に着けたスキルや人脈を活かし、元任用団体等の「地域活性化等に寄与する企画」を実施できます。ぜひ、ご応募ください! 応募方法や詳しい内容は下記URLをご参照下さい!たくさんのご応募お待ちしております! URL:http://jetprogramme.org/ja/furusatovisionproject/ 締切:2018年4月20日(金)午前9:00(日本時間)


If you've been on the JET Programme, sign up to join your nearest JETAA alumni association.