From online happy hours to trivia events and board games, chapters are going online to host social events

When COVID-19 hit back in 2020 many of us were stuck indoors. Rising to the challenge, Oceania chapters began organising online social events to stay connected with their community.

People were able to join in from wherever they were (barring convenient time zones). Below is a list of event types, both past and current. Events below are taken from Facebook Pages or Groups, some of which may require you to join as a member in order to view the events. If you prefer to contact the chapters directly, head to the Chapter list page.

Please email us if you want an event type listed, or if you see an error.



  • Virtual Drinks (every Wed)
  • Online Games
  • Animal Crossing
  • Bingo Night
  • Netflix Watch Party


  • Virtual Happy Hour​
  • Jackbox Party (online games)


  • Online Cards Against Humanity!​

JETAA Canberra

  • Oshaberikai on Zoom


  • Joshikai – Brew-tiful! (every Sun)​

New Zealand


  • Kiwi JETs Google Hangouts​

JETAA Auckland

  • Hanami 2020​
  • On-Nomi (virtual happy hour)

JETAA Welllington

  • Netflix Watch Party​
  • BrewKaiwa with Wellington Sakai Association