Canberra, Nov 12-13 2016

Canberra, Nov 12-13 2016

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Delegates of the 2016 JETAA Oceania Conference in Canberra

[Part of this report comes courtesy of the JETAA International site]

This year’s theme focused on 30 years of the JET Programme. Presentations and discussions focused on topics that range from the ongoing relevance of the JET Programme, continuing challenges and strategies. Chapters also shared their experience on what has and hasn’t worked over the past year. Among some ideas discussed:

  • Creating special positions on committee for non-JETAA members, for individuals who may want to contribute and be active members;
  • Promote chapters and events through sites like Meetup and Mixi;
  • A better way to record planning of events, as well as the debriefing analysis, by using Trello or even a simple spreadsheet;
  • Ideas on developing post-JET support for recent returnees, such career seminars on using LinkedIn;
  • A weekend workshopping retreat for committees, to brainstorm ideas, planning and for self-reward;
  • A more structured approach to language exchange nights, such as grouping participants by language level, and having alternating English-Japanese speaking hour;
  • Group brainstorming session on collaborating with other chapters, domestically and overseas – something like a sister chapter relationship.

The special guest speakers were Mr Sam Beever, and ex-JET who now works as Director of the Japan Section in the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade, and Mr Yoshihide Miwa, First Secretary of the Japanese Embassy, both of whom participated in a Q&A panel about JET’s place in Japan’s foreign policy. Both highlighted JET’s part in Japan’s soft power diplomacy, with it’s potential in tourism, promotions and sports (e.g. Olympics and Rugby World Cup). Given how branches of the Ministry of Sports are usually located in the same office as the Board of Education, enterprising JETs may find an opportunity for collaboration due to proximity. Also, Mr Miwa spoke about the new scholarship for Japanese youths known as Tobitate, and expressed hope that JETs could help promote and publicise this in their placements around Japan.

On a more sobering note, many of the New Zealand delegates returned home to endure aftershocks from a earthquake that had hit the country, though fortunately all delegates were safe and accounted for.

Of note in this conference is the fun and comical icebreaker activity in which groups of delegates have to come up with an idea to market the JET Programme. An example can be seen below – for more awkward and endearing videos see the CLAIR Sydney Facebook page.

Oceania Conference JET Programme Promotional Videos 1

Oceania Conference JET Programme Promotional Videos (1)11月に開催されたJETAAオセアニア会議で撮影したJETプログラムのプロモーション動画です。オーストラリア、ニュージーランドの各JETAAメンバーがJETプログラムの魅力を宣伝しています。是非ご覧ください。Here are the promotional videos of the JET Programme taken at the JETAA Oceania Conference in November. JETAA members from Australia and New Zealand communicate the appeal of the JET Programme through these videos. Please check them out.

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